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Why Water Pipes Rattle

A few years ago, when one of my friends moved into their new home, they noticed a very unusual noise in the basement washroom. Whenever someone used the tub faucet, they heard banging in the water pipe lines, and the pipes would vibrate.

Water pipeline can rattle due to improper anchoring, excessive water pressure, or trapped air within the pipeline.

To alleviate this problem, you can add parallel pipes of equal length and one-foot height to both the hot and cold water lines near the ends where the pipes connect to the faucet or appliance. This arrangement can help to absorb the hammer effect to some extent. Water hammer arrester tee is widely used to contain this problem.

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A professional approach is to address these issues before they cause damage to pipelines and the house. Hire a licensed plumber who can properly anchor them and add a water hammer arrestor in the appropriate place. This is very effective and is widely used in areas where there is high pressure and rapid water flow.