Why Water Pipes Rattle

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Why Water Pipes Rattle

Few years ago, when one if my friend movers to a new home, they observed something very unusual in the basement washroom.

Whenever, someone used the washroom Tub faucet, they noticed banging of water pipe lines and pipes were like vibrating.

Water pipe lines can rattle because they are not anchored properly, there is too much water pressure or there is air trapped in the water pipe lines.

To get rid of this problem is to add a parallel pipes of equal one foot heights in length on both cold and hot water pipe line near the ends where pipes are are connected to the faucet or appliance. This arrangement can up to some extent absorbs the hammer affect.

Professional approach is to address these issues before they cause damage to pipe lines and the house. Hire a licensed plumber who can anchor them properly and add a water hammer arrestor at the appropriate place.

This is very affective. It’s widely used near the those openings where pressure is much and it’s fast opening.