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Cracked Driveways

Winter is over. We had comparatively significant amount of snow fall in 2022. If your driveway was paved 10 years ago it might be a time to have a closer look at it. Cracked driveways  give an ugly looks to the curb appeal. Its always a good idea to have a quote from at least 3 people if you were to consider paving.

Why do driveways crack

Why do driveways crack. All of us wonder more if it was under 5 years old. Drive ways cracks because of weathering and natural wear and tear. In winter times, especially when it snows, driveways are mostly covered with snow or a layer of snow. If drive way has developed small thin cracks, water enters thru these cracks. When temperature goes below -4c and it freezes.

As the atmosphere temperature goes up,  frozen water melts, and water expands. This is time when cracks gets enlarged and go bad to worst every year if not taken care of. This is due to the physical property of the water.

But have taken care of it from the very beginning  chances are you can extend the life.

How To Extend Life Of driveways

Since it cost significantly high to re pay a fresh driveway. Every other year, if you put a coat of sealer the life of the driveway can be easily extended. There are various types and grades of sealers available near your home.

When To re-lay New Drive Way

If your driveway was laid more than 10 years ago, probably its the time to have a new one.

You will probably will have to hire a contractor for doing this job which can cost hundreds of dollars, depending upon the square footage or area covered.