How To Replace Radiant Kitchen Stove Heater Element

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How To Replace Radiant Kitchen Stove Heater Element

All of a sudden one day you realize one of the heater element of your electric stove is not working. This can lead to frustration.

When was the last time you bought your kitchen stove. Over the period of time, stove heater elements oxidize and will not function. Its simply due to the fact the wire gets burn out and wouldn’t work. So it is the time to buy a new Kitchen Stove.

You must be thinking to consider to buy a new one, your best choice is to go simply for an Electric Stove or a Gas Stove.

It all depends on your cooking style. Some people like Electric as they are easy to clean, while Gas stove are quick in comparison and may be bit unsafe.

Where To Buy Radiant Surface Element

There are many manufacturers selling these heater elements online ranging from low of 100 and above. You can search online one meeting your needs or try from your local stores. If you are lucky, you will get it.

 “Taking help of a licensed electrician is always the best and safe way to address these issue. However, if you are   handy, replacing a heater element is not difficult”

Here are stepwise INSTRUCTIONS if you would like to attempt and replace it with a new one.

These pictures might help depending upon the type of stove your have

Important: Before you attempt, please disconnect the stove

  1. Take out the screws from the top bottom and un-mount the top portion
  2. Lift the top portion and  support it appropriately or ask someone to hold it.
  3. Take few pictures of the connections and wiring.
  4. Remove the relevant heater element connectors
  5. Remove the metallic support for the plate
  6. Take out the plate.
  7. Replace it with new one with right wattage and size
  8. Hook back the connections.
  9. Follow the reverse order and you are done.Refer pictures if needed and so forth .