Why To Invest In A Condo

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Why To Invest In A Condo

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Investing in a freehold home or a condo? This has always been a big question.

Not long ago, whenever you happen to meet someone who has been looking to buy a home and ask their preference of type of home they would like to buy. The simple answer used to be detached freehold home. Not even any type of semi or town house.

Real Estate Market has changed in the recent past. Home prices have gone high and the big questions is of the affordability. Buying an expensive property is not only the monthly mortgage payments, but one does need a bigger down payment.

Buying a condo is the next best option these days. Condos are affordable and one can buy with ten percent down payment.

Buying or Investing in a Condo gives easy access to many luxuries which a normal home can not get you. Consider these amenities which could be available in a high rise Condominium.

  • In Door Swimming pool
  • Out Door Swimming Pool
  • Billiards
  • Table Tennis
  • Party Room
  • Tennis
  • Library
  • Meeting Room
  • Card Room
  • Gymnasium

Buying a home near a great location or mature neighborhood in very expensive. However, buying a  condo is next best option as they are affordable and could be close to Transit, Schools, Banks, your favorite stores or highways .

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