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FICO Score.

In simple words, FICO score is also called as credit score.

It was started by Fair Isaac Corporation and now is a very vital tool in place and in use by most of the financial institutions and lenders. This simply shows the credit worthiness of an individual.

Whenever someone is considering of car loan, mortgage or as a matter of fact need any kind of financing, credit score always gets an attention.

A good score can be anywhere from 700 and above, but all the lenders have their own criteria and rules to whom to finance or not. Individual credit history also plays a big role.

There are ways and means how a person can keep credit up to date. The thumb rule is never miss a payment. Just pay on time, at least pay the minimum. This will not spoil the credit history.

To keep your credit score on the higher side, its important to pay maximum or the full amount before the due date.

One can check personal FICO score on TransUnion website or Equifax website. Make sure you are at the genuine landing page. It will ask you to fill your personal information and pay the money. Within few minutes your credit report will be ready.

If you have more questions, please check and browse transunion or Equifax websites.