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What is AI Marketing

Recently one of my past known gentleman approached me and told me the kind of returns he is getting every day as passive income from ai marketing. He spoke about concept of metabot and mentioned he will introduce me to concept of ai marketing.

AI Marketing and AI Network both are from the same company. Initially when you join you will not be told about AI network. Various team leaders ( These are not being hosted by the company) host meeting everyday and will mention its not MLM or networking company. Which is plain lie. Ai network itself explains, its a network company. Period.

In the first meeting I was impressed by the kind of returns it bring back. The figures were impressive.
Having into the field of data analysis, google adwords, facebook ads or social media in general, it was easy for me to assimilate.

I did join on the same day and thought I’ll observe for few days. Joining doesn’t take any of your money.

AI Marketing is where one earns daily passive income. After you join, you will have to add some money in the form of crypto currency. AI marketing will put your money for ads of the sponsored (aggregators) companies. As they claim, this is done thru metabots. Quite possible.  Thus company generates revenue from the sale of products. The cash back it receives in lieu is shared between the company and the individual in the ratio of 45 to 55.

AI Network is where when you put someone under you and so forth. This actually generates active income, because you are hiring people under you or under someone under you. But incidentally, you will not be explained in the beginning.

"One can be surprised to know that,  it just needs your name and an email. They even don't
 verify the email except the representative may  send one on his behalf, which is not from
 the company. In my case I even didn't get that email, may be individual kept himself safe.
 You start making money within two days just by any name and email. No driving license or
 any other proof required to join. As on date there is no such provision. Though company 
says such things are coming. These should be in place in the very beginning. 
This shows shady characteristic of a running business "

Interesting part is, you will never come to know under who you will be placed. This implies, you are responsible for your actions for those under you. Which is very strange. The one who approach for sure will tell you am placing you under Mr. XYZ, but there is no way to check it.

“You can only download the app on android, not on Apple. Does that means, apple has more secure features and allow only legit companies ?”