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My 10 Days With AI Marketing.
My few days of observations are as under:

  1. There is not much information about the company offices except in UK, Hong Kong or in Russia.
  2. There is not a toll free number. Not needed these days, but its great to have.
  3. There is no information about the promoters of the company or any other management structure. If its so, there is nothing on any company website.
  4. Having been into sophisticated industry, I wonder why company doesn’t have a corporate website.
  5. The company has not yet set up any system where one can deposit money thru plastic. The link they have on the system doesn’t work. That why I wonder if this is a technology company in the field of artifical intelligence why they can’t set up the normal payment structure. I personally have done it for some ecommerce websites and it doesn’t take long.
  6. How can a person starts earning money with a simple name and last name. Fancy looking virtual card they have can be a bait. If people are making thousands of dollars, company should ask for the residency prood and other id’s. If merely it says, its being upgraded is questionable. These are the basic and core things of any ecommerce website and should be there before product is brought in the market.
  7. The company only except Cryptocurrency.
  8. That begs a question, if the company is in operation, why company has not set up payment structure which is active like Master card, Visa card, American express etc.,  which work. None of the link for such payment option works as of date. The company has been in business for over two years. Setting up payment structure for PayPal, MasterCard, stripe etc. doesn’t take more than 20 minutes. All ecommerce websites do it.
  9. They representative might claim crypto is the future, but deals can go shady in crypto.
  10. Internet has sketchy information about it. So that begs a next important question to ask your representative is how much money has he withdrawn.
  11. You will not know under whom you are being placed. This will generate more curiosity, how you will get paid.
  12. If you join a group for training, members mostly will talk how ai marketing work and how much can be made.
  13. The group may not allow you to put your comment ask any question. You can only be in listening mode. I had to leave the group on stance.
  14. The ranking of is significantly quite impressive. But do not forget its the thousands of users they visit their portal thru the same website every few hours. So in no time, ranking will be high. Its not a surprise.

“One can be surprised to know that,  it just needs your name and an email. They even don’t verify the email except the representative may  send one on his behalf, which is not from the company. In my case I even didn’t get that email, may be individual kept himself safe. You start making money within two days just by any name and email. No driving license or any other proof required to join. As on date there is no such provision. Though company says such things are coming. These should be in place in the very beginning. This shows shady characteristic of a running business “

What You Need To Know Before Joining

  1. Do not add anyone under you immediately!!
  2. The first thing is to learn the system, if you believe its perfect, then only proceed.
  3. Add people under you by yourself. Not thru’ your representative. This is very important. Or he will take away the the benefits without you knowing it.
"If it is a legitimate company and is running in good faith, before you add any people 
under you, the utmost thing to do is learn everything. Your representative may not tell 
you or keep quite without you realizing it. H will keep getting tip  of Iceburg every time 
which can be a significant amount, but it technically belongs to you".

In the end it the money factor which looks attractive. But one can argue about the proof of
sales. The data shown on the app, can be fake. 

In summary, if you have planned to join, before you do so, make sure and verify it is not a ponzi scam.


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