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Viewing a Rental Home.

Viewing a property – Lease to rent

For LeaseAre you looking to lease a property to lease or to rent!  The main difference between leasing and renting is the period of time they cover.

A rental agreement tends to cover a short term, it could be any number of days or months. While a lease contract is applied to long periods—usually 12 months.

That’s why landlords needs more documents to verify potential tenants.  

If you serious and want to visit a home to view it , you must  have these documents handy before you go for any showing. This will save everyone’s  valuable time.

  1. Job Letter
  2. Recent Credit Report
  3. Pay stubs or Salary Details
  4. Cheque Book*

    If you don’t have documents handy, it can take from couple of days to a week. 

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Having these papers will save your time and make the process simple and fast.