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Rental Check List

Are you looking for a place to rent? 
Please note that most of the Landlords are looking for AAA clients.
To assist you further, here is a quick check list describing the documents you will need:

Job letter**
Credit Checks** – Most recent. e.g 30 days or so, is the trend.
Salary details and Pay stubs
Work Place referenc
Photo id of the no of people occupying the place.
Make/No of Cars and Parking needed.
1st and last month cheque as rent.
10 Post dated cheques.
Lease Form and Rental application – (Prepared by Realtor)
Some Landlords might need an interview.
Key Deposits
FOB Security Deposit in case of hi-rise condos.
Insurance coverage.
Upkeep of the backyard and front lawn.
You will need a Cheque Book also to pay your 1st & last, and 10 post dated Cheques. 

……. and there can be more surprises.

** Before you go for viewing, please keep above papers ready. The process will be easy, quick and you will move faster to your next home. If still need any help, please feel free to discuss.