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Staging Tip of the Day

The  key word is, Declutter.

Decluttered homes not looks clean, nice, airy, healthy but are also easy to clean and manage.

Is your home too busy with the stuff you might have baught over the period of time !
If you have items cluttered  all over the place in your home, its the time to sort them out, declutter and put them in storage.

The best thing one can do is, manage some card board boxes of different in sizes and stack them alongside the basement wall. You can mark them or label appropriately.  but don’t think that your basement is a place where you can dump your extra stuff. As a mtter of fact, a clean and tidy garrage also looks great.

When a visitor walks in to your home, he will find your home far more roomy and great. You can stage your kitchen, living room, lobby, washrooms and all the bedrooms later with stlyish decorative items or you can help of a professional stageser as well.

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