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How To Fix Christmas Lights

String LED Lights

Christmas time, new year eve or as a matter of fact you have any festival or celebration, one can’t be short of using string of LED lights.

Most of these are in-variably made in china and are cheap to buy. One can easily find in local stores or even big stores like Home Depot, Lows, Rona or on online too.

Over the period of time or even after one season, many times you might have come across a situation, the string of light will not come on leading you to frustrations.

These bulbs come in different shapes like, C6, M5, 5MM and C3.

String lights have bulbs ranging from 10 to over 100 bulbs. To run into problems its always a good idea to go for shorter ones with less bulbs.

Handling electrical circuits can sometimes lead you to dangerous situation. If you don’t find comfortable, its always a good idea to discard or call the licensed professionals

” Its strongly recommended to have Non-Contact Voltage Tester Voltage in your home tool kit”  

Shorter LED string lights are easy to handle. Its easy to find the fault, repair and easy to pack at the end of season. Moreover one can mix and match string with different colors as well.  

While there could be any reason when led bulbs don’t work. But mostly reasons could be:

  • Fuse Bulb
    If the bulb is fused, check all the bulbs with non contact  voltage tester. Take out the fused bulb and safely replace it with new one.
  • Fuse Blown
    If the fuse is blown away. You will have to take out the faulty fuse and replace it with the right recommended fuse as per the manufacturers.
  • Bulb not secured properly or touching the contacts at the base of the holder
    Check for all the bulbs and push with little force. This strategy does work.
  • Broken Bulb
    Check all the bulbs visually and if you find any of these broken, pull it out safely and replace the same
  • Broken or cut in Wire 
    If the wire is broken from inside or there is a cut in it. It can be very difficult to trace with naked eye. So the no contact voltage tester tool be come handy in this situation.