Brother Printer Not Lifting Papers from the Paper Tray.

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Brother Printer 2270 Not Printing

There comes a time, when you want to print something and the printer doesn’t print anything.

It makes a uncanny sound, beeps and gives an audio warning and you see yellow light blinking.

Now you start looking for either there is no paper is the tray, paper stuck or jammed in between the rollers, of ink is finished.

But have come across a scenario, you have checked all the above symptoms and everything is fine, still printer doesn’t print.

Mostly, this cause could be there is no supply of paper crom the tray.

The earliest way to manage for the  time being could be use the manual mode, where you can print one by one.

Many times, when there you see there is no paper, it could be because if the broken cam lever.

Lets understand this like, the role of the cam leaver is, it lifts the paper upwards and then the paper is picked by the roller.

In the 2270 series printers. Its the small probe on the tip of the cam lever breaks and it doesn’t do the job of lifting the paper up.

Its an item which can be bought from Amazon or eBay for around $15 or under.

Opening is not difficult, just open the one small screw and have access to the leaver mechanism.

Take few snaps and remember the sequence. Replace the part and its very simple.

I had a scenario like this and my printers was down for more than a year. Getting a part from Amazon took almost three weeks plus, because I got it cheaper a supplier from China. Rather, it cane two in a pack and is working satisfactorily for the last 6 months.

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