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Hot water leaking

Homeownership is no doubt a proud moment to be. It comes with lots of responsibilities and things to be learned and issues to be addressed on regular basis.

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After you have moved into your new home, were you caught with your guards down all of a sudden and you noticed the basement floor is flooded with water. This does give a scary feeling but if timely inspections are taken, such a situation will not arise.

You are looking left and right but have no clue from where the water has come and formed a puddle or the floor is wet.Hot water tank leak

What could have been the circumstances if there was no one in the basement.

All hot water tanks have two types of valves. One at the top and the other at the bottom. The upper one is called a pressure release valve and the lower one as a water tank drain valve.

There is an in-built safety feature, in the event if there is more pressure in the system because of any reason, it comes into action and releases extra pressure.

Water heater drain valve.

In most hot water tank leaks, this is the valve that starts leaking after a couple of years. It’s because of the calcium deposit at the bottom of the tank which invariably blocks the drain valve. If the water tank is timely cleaned and flushed, it will be free from the deposits. This is one of the main reasons for water tank leaks.

When the water seal goes bad, one can see water dripping from it. Simply replacing the seal will do the trick and stop the water leaks.

Make sure you check your hot water tank on regular basis. Before it leaks, there could be early signs drain valve remaining wet. Therefore, frequent visual inspection is a must.

Some of the hot water tanks come with a plastic drain valve. It’s a kind of machinery in daily use. This plastic valve becomes hard and starts leaking.

If there is any such sign of a water leak, get it replaced at the earliest before causing any further damage to the property. It’s a better idea to replace it with a new one of brass which has more durability and has a long life.

So you might have to call a certified hot water tank technician to do the job unless you are comfortable doing it by yourself.

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