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Fire Safety Tips For Your Home

When it comes to house fires, we always talk about the significance of smoke alarms. Despite having these alarms in every home,  still we come across instances of house fires. Staying attentive, alert and watchful is very important.

While you are in the kitchen and cooking, keep fire safety in mind and always keep an eye around the cooking area.

It is also important to monitor the actions of others in your household. It is a team effort to keep everyone safe. If you take the necessary measures to safeguard your home, you will not keep your home safe but your neighbourhood too.

Get Involved with other members  of the house from time to time and touch upon the following safety measures. These will ensure you have taken steps in the right directions.

  1. Don’t leave your kitchen while cooking
  2. Keep paper towel away
  3. Keep kitchen napkins away
  4. Point wooden and plastic handles outwards
  5. Don’t keep any not in use oil pan on the stove
  6. Keep your appliances in order
  7. Don’t keep anything in stove oven
  8. Don’t keep anything near your furnace in basement
  9. Clean your dryer vent from time to time
  10. Switch off your devices when you leave home
  11. Replace smoke alarm batteries on time
  12. Install extra smoke alarms outside the bedrooms for extra safety.
  13. Always hire licensed electricians for electric works
  14. keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen area. It shouldn’t be an expired one.
  15. keep an eye on the children if they are learning cooking skills.

Keeping these beer minimums in mind, have a safe and sound sleep.