First Time Buyers, What You need to Know.

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First Time Buyers, What You Need to Know

Welcome To Canada !

All of us came to Canada as immigrant. Stayed initally with friends or relatives before finally baught a home or a condo. Most of us get settlled or adjusted and finally found a so called dream home.

Path to home ownership can be tricky. If you have someone on your side, its very easy and one can move into next home. But for sure it need a planned move. So what does it takes to get into a home of your dreams!

Well, nothing is easy, except clear vision or if someone has baught a handfull of money from backhome, its different thing. One does need a focussed approach. Get a job or settled down in a profession and be successful in the shortest possible time. There is no second thought. Because no body would lilke to pay rent forever.

Today’s tip:

Build your credit score and history.
This is the first and foremost factor when it comes to financing. Whether you are thinking of buying a car or a house. Lenders or financial  insituitions always look for credit report before they advance loan to a client. They want a good beacon score and good credit history.

Are you planning to buy a home soon and If you want to know how to build good credit score and great history, or want to learn more about it, please call me for a hastle free, no obligation FREE consulation. I’ll be happy to help you.

….to be continued.



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P.S. Please note that, am not a financial expert. Always consult a certified or licneced professional for more details

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