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Why I have So Much Dust In My Home

It’s a frequently asked question when people gather to discuss home cleaning.

Dust accumulates on all types of surfaces and is most noticeable on dark and flat surfaces. Examples include baseboards, tables, behind TVs, desktops, laptops, carpets, and decorative pieces in the living area. Cleaning or dusting these surfaces, as well as art pieces, can be a laborious task.

Vacuuming the whole house every other day can be a good practice, but there may be times of the year when this is not enough. For example, during the months when the furnace blower is running at peak capacity, dust accumulation may be more pronounced.

So what is the remedy?

To effectively combat dust accumulation, a multi-pronged approach is necessary. If you want to address this issue, you’ll need to adopt all the best practices.

You will have to think of following ideas.

Get the ducts cleaned. This is one of very common activity people tend to perform and think it will do the job. It’s certainly effective, but if you forget the rest, this may not be of any use.

Vacuum the carpets if not everyday but at least twice a week. This is probably one of the best effective measure as one can practically see how much dust gets trapped in the filter chamber.

Mop the floors. Yes, its the ultimate. Wet clothes can trap more dust. The left overs after the vacuum needs to be cleaned and mopping the floor is next best step. If you have tiled or wooden floors, it not gives the floor a neat look, but it practically remove the dust.

Replace furnace filter every third month. This is where most of the dust of the house get trapped before it is re circulated again in the system. Buy them in advance from your nearest hardware store. Best time to buy furnace filter is when they are on sale.

In winter time, its important to keep room temperature around 22 degrees, if you can manage with it. Heat and dust has a co-relation. If the temperature is set high, furnace blower will run more frequently, and ducts will throw out more dust.

From time to time, clean all the vents behind your TV and computers and the area around cables. This is where most of the dust gets accumulated on the heat generating elements.

If you live close to a busy road or in a construction zone, keeping your windows down, will help.

Installing, humidifiers and air purifiers in a rooms can keep a check on dust. While Air purifier can clean the air, humidifier on the other hand keep the humidity level under control, which further helps to keep dust level low.

Finally, it’s the dusting. Dusting books, TV, Tables, Closets, Cabinets, Basement stairs are few other areas needs to be looked into.

In the nut shell, its the cleanliness of the house that matters. If you want to keep your home off the dust, you will have to perform each and every action which can keep the dust level low.

In summary, maintaining a clean home is essential to keeping dust levels low. Adopting all of these practices is necessary for effective dust control.