What Is A Faraday Bag – Protect Your Car Theft

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What Is A Faraday Bag
Protect Your Car Theft

A Faraday bag is an electromagnetic-shielding device that can block electronic signals from reaching the devices stored inside. When it comes to protecting car keys, a Faraday bag can be used to prevent thieves from using a relay attack to steal the car. By placing the car keys inside a Faraday bag when not in use, the signal from the key fob cannot be picked up by a relay device, making it much more difficult for thieves to steal the car.

In another words, a more practical versions of the mighty Faraday cage or protective enclosure that prevents electromagnetic radiation from entering or exiting.

They work on the principles as a faraday cage which were invented in the 1800s.

Why Use a Faraday Bag in first place !

Car theft cases are on the increase all over the places. This bag is one way you can try to prevent  car thieves away from copying your car code. Its a small investment of few dollars on faraday bag which can save your car from being stolen. Here are few common reasons why people use a Faraday bag:

  1. Electronic Interference Protection: A Faraday bag protects electronic devices from electromagnetic interference (EMI) or electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that can disrupt the functioning of electronic devices.
  2. Data Security: A Faraday bag protects sensitive data stored in electronic devices from being intercepted or stolen by hackers or cybercriminals.
  3. Signal Blocking: A Faraday bag blocks the signal from cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other electronic devices, which can be useful in situations where it is necessary to completely disconnect from the digital world.
  4. Privacy: A Faraday bag can be used to keep personal information and conversations private.
  5. Medical Devices: People with implanted medical devices can use a Faraday bag to prevent electromagnetic interference from affecting the device’s performance.

Overall, Faraday bags are commonly used by people who need to protect their electronic devices and information from interference, signal blocking or data theft.