Rug or a Carpet What is the Difference.

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Rug or a Carpet A rug and a carpet are similar in that they are both textiles used as floor coverings, but they have some distinct differences. Carpets are typically larger than rugs and are meant to cover a significant portion of a room or floor. Rugs, on the other hand, are smaller and are typically used to define a space or accent a room. Installation: Carpets are typically installed by stretching them over the…

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Rugs For My Room

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Rugs For My Room Rugs can add new look to your room. Whenever you buy a new home or you want to decorate any room, first thing come in mind is of the carpet or rug for the room. A carpet on a floor changes entire look of a room without a big budget. Rugs and carpets not add warmth to the room but it give them a new look. In selecting a rug, you…

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