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Printer Offline !!

This post is off the track but the info has been very handy when stuck printing any offers!!!
This is the most common problem I have been facing with my brother printers. Has it happened with when you are in hurry. You want to print something but it will not print ! You are stuck ! The message displays, printer offline and in printer properties, printer icon is  gray, default settings are correct.
Right now I have two wi-fi enabled printers at home and both of them have issues. Over the years, I have been successful in resolving the issues the problem keeps popping out every other week.

Few years ago, I had USB enabled HP all in one printer. It gave me no problem. Just wondering for a permanent fix to address this problem ! I understand software updates, patches can make a difference but should not happen quite often.

My ideas which have worked in the recent past are like:

  1.  Restart the computer
  2.  Restart the printer
  3. Delete the printer and add new
  4. Update the driver
  5. Tried printing in the cable mode
  6.  Resetting the wi-fi button
  7. Logging as an admin.
    I don’t think I have tried anything else apart from above. Some of the above tricks or ideas have worked well on some occasions but not every time. Many times, I have quit in frustration and but found it working perfectly fine after few days. But again am stuck one more time today !

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