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Kitchen Faucet Leaks

Pfister Kitchen Faucet leak.

Pfister maPfister Kitchen Faucet Rayakes great-looking kitchen faucets. Bought a black colour Pfister Raya kitchen faucet a couple of years ago.  It comes in two colours metallic and black colour.


It’s a great kitchen faucet with a pull-down spout and shower type option.


A couple of issues, I have faced since the time I have bought this kitchen faucet is, main control lever stuck, buttons to adjust the water flow stuck, and the pulldown hose leak and works erratically.  Internet was a great source in solving this issue.

At the bottom of the round portion of the lever. There is a small disk, which has to be taken out with a small flat screwdriver. Here I will recommend taking a picture with your phone.

Once, this disk is out. Take an Allen key of the right size and take it out.  Clean, the calcium deposit with vinegar. I did WD40 as well for easy removal of the screw.

After cleaning put it back and everything worked fine. Actually, this was loosened and was malfunctioning.

The next issue is the. Buttons that control the flow of the water get stuck from time to time. It is dues to calcium deposit and also because there is a small spring under the button which needs to be replaced. With the usage over a period of time, this loses its strength.

The third issue that came up recently was in the pulldown hose started leaking near the top. This was not significant but after few days understand the sink there was a big accumulation of water. Luckily, it was discovered in time.

Addressing the leak.

Since there is no way to fix this braided water hose. I tried to search for it on the internet but didn’t get any proper link.


Do Pfister supply free parts

I didn’t have any idea, but finally, I called Pfister and I was surprised the call was very helpful. After few basic questions, I guess they opened my account, the customer services representative confirmed the availability. I was told the item will reach in 7-10 business days, but I got my Pfister Raya Kitchen faucet hose on the 3 days.

Replacing The Old Water Hose.

After having watched a couple of videos of other types of kitchen faucets, the job looked quick 5 minutes fix, but it wasn’t so in my case.

Removing the pulldown hose is no doubt easy, but putting back the new one wasn’t.  For some reason, it was finding the right spot.

Removal Of the Kitchen Faucet.

I had to remove the kitchen faucet. When you initially buy Pfister Kitchen Faucet, they supply a black color tool as you see in the diagram.

After, putting off all the water, disconnecting the water kitchen faucet lines, I just unscrewed the only one nut from the bottom. After that just pull the whole assembly.

My last try before I open the everything worked. I laid down the assembly horizontally. Inserted the new hose and it came out from the other end without any issue. This should have worked out when the whole assembly was in place and the job would have five minutes fixup.

Finally, just followed the same procedure backyard and it was a DIY job done.

Where To Buy Pfister Kitchen Faucet Down Sout.

You can call Pfister by calling their toll-free # at 1-800-7320-8238. The customer service is  helpful and only to the point questions were asked in my case.

However, there is something I found on Amazon, similar to it. Check it out yourself.

Here are few pictures which are self explanatory and helpful if you would like to undertake the task of repairing it yourself.

Pfister Kitchen Faucet Leaks

Here are few pictures and should be very helpful.