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New Comers To Canada

As a new comers to Canada, it is always a challenging task. Right from your move and the day you land in Canada, your mind starts working 24 hrs with all sorts of questions in mind.

From job hunting, schooling for kids, right place to live, financial security and about future. As a new comer, these questions are normal and its part of your move.

First few days are busy in opening bank account, getting an affordable phone plan, SIN card and PR cards etc.

If you are new comers to Ontario, Service Ontario, is an important link, where one can seek help for:

– Health Card
– PR Card

You can search online for location of service Ontario offices nearest to you.

For those, who intend to get a driving license, they will have to make a personal visit to nearest test drive centers. 

If you want to take few driving lessons, always look for an approved driving instructor. Most of these instructors are attached to schools and always has the commercial insurance. Mostly, they will charge by an hr.
A ministry approved school list can be seen on their MOT website, if you would like to know more about  driving school.

FAQ’s. Most new comers have following questions in their mind.

Where to look for a job

Job related to your profession

Where to Live or settle

If moving with Kids, these following questions will be handy to explore.
– Why RESP is needed.
– Why insurance in needed
– Why financial planning is important. Less spoken about but one of the most important aspect in life.
– Why not to think of retirement now. RRSP could be one of few options.

What is expected of you being a new Canadian.

You liked Canada and finally that day came and you moved to your dreamland. To assist further and keep it in neat, clean and in better shape, you will have to play a big role.  These small good habits will be expected from you and you must put your part.

1. Extend courtesy on road
2. When driving follow the road signs.
3. Do not speed up.
4. Do not Clutter.
5. Keep your garbage with you and dispose off at your destination.
6. Crossing a road. Start at the proper sign. Keep your safety in mind. Once started finish it at the earliest.
7. Do not walk on the grassy patches of other peoples personal property. Side walks are meant for this purpose.
8. Help to maintain the area clean, where you live. Think of volunteering in this respect.
9. Always keep your personal insurance and safety of others in mind.
10. Do not tail gate.

Harms of speeding on a highway/street

– You can get a ticket. This will potentially cost thousands of dollars in the years to come. Its because your insurance will go up and you will continue to pay every month at higher rate. Sometimes, it could be a big hurdle in getting your next job. They expect you to be a safe driver.
– Be gentle on the gas, the accelerator. This otherwise also ruins the engine. You will be consume more gas and your car mileage will go down. This also leads to abrupt breaking, ruining the break pads and the rotors. Means an unsafe practice as well. Overall, it could be heavy on the pocket in longer run.

– The idea is to drive slow, follow the road signs, be courteous and stay safe without any stress.  Always, find a way to extend courtesy whenever possible. That is called stress free driving. This will hundred percent bring a positive change in your attitude and your personality. Remember, one need to work and build your character. This will not come with aggression on the road. These small changes in your driving habits will bring a change in yourself which can be reflected and noticed by other at your work place.