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Garden Tools Needed When You Buy A Home

Having a home is a different feeling of its own. When it comes to home with a front yard and back yard, it give a sense of happiness. Green lawn, flowers beds and fruit trees add values to any home.

All this comes with a responsibility, as you will have to maintain your lawn. For this you will need couple of tools to keep you busy to carry out your task. Here is a quick list of the tools you will need.

  1. Gloves: To protect your hands while gardening and to prevent blisters.
  2. Shovel: To dig holes for planting, to transfer soil, and to remove weeds.
  3. Rake: To level the soil, to remove debris, and to spread mulch.
  4. Pruning shears: To prune bushes and shrubs and to cut back plants.
  5. Watering hose: To water plants and keep the garden hydrated.
  6. Wheelbarrow: To move soil, mulch, and other heavy materials around the garden.
  7. Hand trowel: To plant smaller plants and flowers, to dig holes for seeds, and to transplant seedlings.
  8. Fertilizer: To provide the necessary nutrients for healthy plant growth.
  9. Grass Trimmer: Its a handy tool to trim grass close to the edges.
  10. Lawn Mover: To move you lawn