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Cleaning a Dirty Carpet.

Living in a basement with a carpeted floor or a fully carpeted home does give a cozy and warm feeling as compared to floors with hardwood or any types of laminates. Your kids enjoy sitting on the carpet and playing all day long!

Did you move into a new home with a brand-new carpet all over. It gives a great feeling. But as the time goes by, what can you think from the cleaning prospective? Have you ever noticed dust on a hardwood floor?

To keep your carpet clean, always vacuum frequently.

All types of carpets trap sorts of things that your naked eye does not see. This include dust, dirt, bacteria, and may be sometimes fungus or allergens. So is it a healthy choice! Probably not. If anyone in the house have asthmatic or any kind of respiratory problems, carpeted house can create further medical issues. So always vacuum your carpets, twice a week at least, if you want to stay in a healthy environment.

When we moved into our new home, we had mix of laminates and hardwood floors in living room and in all the bedrooms. There was no carpet anywhere in the house, except tiles in the kitchen, foyer or the washrooms.  

After couple of days of our move and settling down, we noticed layer of dirt on the floor. And to our surprise the build was faster and of course. In our previous home, we didn’t have hardwood floors.

Cleaning a Hardwood Floors

Cleaning a hardwood floor need less efforts as compared to a dirty carpet. Hardwood floors can be cleaned much easily with various types of cleaners available near your hardware or grocery stores. 


Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner

However, if you think of carpet one does not see these things, unless you vacuum it. Whatever you throw on the floor, some of it goes inside and stays there. Over the period of time the build up can be significant.

Its worthwhile to mention, make sure, when you reach home or guests visit your home, shoes are taken off at the entrance and kept in a tray, not on the floor. This tray must be cleaned as and when need. Daily clean up of the tray is always desired. 

If your home has Carpey, as a proud owner of the home, you have two options.  Do it yourself or hire a professional to do carpet cleaning. You should use both the option. The golden rule of how to keep your carpet clean is simply by vacuuming as often as possible.

Do it yourself approach

You will be surprised to know if every time you do vacuumThis frequent way of cleaning carpet will ensure that carpet is free from dirt, dust, pet or human hairs.

Hire a professional to clean the carpet.

Getting a job from a professional is always a good idea. It will deliver you a quality finish at the end. But if you are stuck because of any reason, in do it yourself approach, one can make a mixture of boric acid, vinegar, sodium bicarbonate and rub it to clear any dirty spot.  If you don’t know the mix , one can buy a carpet cleaning liquid from the local store.

Carpet Stain Cleaner
Carpet Cleaner

When should you call for a professional cleaner to clean your home carpets? This depends upon your life style and use. If you were cleaning and taking care of carpet regularly, still from a health point of view, it is a good idea to get your carpet cleaned once a year by a professional cleaner. This does not take a long time and one can get it done even under a hundred dollars or so. This will make sure that all major issues are looked into and you are breathing in a clean home.