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Buying or leasing a child care center is a significant decision that requires careful consideration of various factors. Here are some important things to know and consider:

Licensing and Regulations:

– Ensure that the child care center meets all licensing requirements and adheres to local and state regulations.
– Understand the specific regulations governing child care centers in your area.

Financial Considerations

– Evaluate the financial viability of the child care center. Examine its financial statements, budget, and any outstanding debts.
– Consider the costs associated with running the center, including staff salaries, utilities, insurance, and maintenance.

Operational History

– Review the center’s operational history, including enrollment trends, staff turnover, and any incidents or complaints.
– Understand the reasons behind any changes in ownership or management.

Physical Condition of the Property

– Inspect the physical condition of the property, including the building, play areas, and safety features.
– Identify any necessary repairs or renovations and estimate the associated costs.


– Evaluate the qualifications and experience of existing staff.
– Understand the current employment contracts, and be aware of any potential labor issues.

Enrollment and Demographics

– Analyze enrollment numbers and demographics of the children attending the center.
– Consider the demand for child care services in the local community.

Liabilities and Legal Issues

– Investigate any past or pending legal issues, liabilities, or insurance claims associated with the child care center.
– Ensure there are no hidden legal challenges that may arise after acquisition.

Contracts and Agreements

– Review all existing contracts and agreements, including leases, vendor contracts, and any partnerships.
– Understand the terms and conditions of these contracts and assess their impact on the operation of the child care center.

Due Diligence

– Conduct a thorough due diligence process, which may involve hiring professionals such as accountants, lawyers, and inspectors.
– Request relevant documents and information from the current owner.

Community Reputation

– Consider the center’s reputation within the local community. Talk to parents, staff, and neighbors to get a sense of the center’s standing.
– Understand the marketing and outreach efforts undertaken by the current management.

Future Growth and Development

– Evaluate the potential for growth and development in the area, including population trends and economic indicators.
– Consider any planned changes to local infrastructure or zoning regulations that could affect the child care center.

Transition Plan

– Develop a detailed transition plan that includes a timeline for the handover, communication with staff and parents, and any necessary renovations or changes.

Before making a final decision, it’s crucial to consult with legal and financial professionals to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the child care center’s status and potential challenges. Additionally, involve key stakeholders, such as parents and staff, in the transition process to ensure a smooth change in ownership or management.