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Bank of Canada Interest Rates Hike

Bank of Canada hiked interest rates on Sep 7 by another .75%. What it means to most of us is, whenever you buy anything on credit, home or any product, you will pay more.

It will most likely take longer to pay your mortgage, loan, line of credit or another type of loan.

In the longer run, its less savings. With the present interest rates sitting at 3.25% and likely to continue increase, many us will find an trigger rate. A trigger rate is the interest rate where your financial institution may adjust your loan or mortgage payment. It doesn’t matter its variable or fixed type.

On the side note, for those who have cash money sitting in Banks, this maybe time now look for go for GIC’s . This may not be a very popular product for savvy investors, but if you have to park your money for some period, banks are giving attractive interest rates.

Next Bank of Canada interest hike date will be on Wednesday, October 25.