Map of Automated Speed Enforcement Camera Sites

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Map of Automated Speed Enforcement Camera Sites

Here is a quick link to location  of these speed cameras in Brampton.

Automated Speed Enforcement Cameras.

City of Brampton has been aggressively installing speed cameras, ASE Cameras in Brampton. Most of these have come during the pandemic 2020 and still one can find more coming soon signs on the streets.

Here is an updated link to city of Brampton’s website showing location of speed cameras.

ASE cameras locations

It’s believed the city has accumulated quite big chunk of money from the this new type of speed enforcement on the streets. It means, city is committed to the safety of the communities. It will be a good investment for the city in the longer run. After the break in point, city is likely to make more profits from this project, which in turn will be good for the people.

With this arrangement of regulating the speed, everyone seems to be satisfied, because this is the best way to keep our streets safe all the times.

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