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Ugaam Ad Close Button started showing an icon on my one of WordPress website after few days of installing this plugin. I used this plugin for Ad manager for linking other pages.

For some reasons, two red signs with a cross at center appeared at top and bottom of the pages. Location was just off the centre but to the right. I had no idea about these. Having spent good amount of time on this issue and trying to find the cause, finally I succeeded. I had to resort to debug option (sometimes back, I had read while learning html and javascript), found the cause of this Red color sign with a cross (multiplication infect). It clearly showed “Ugaam-ad-close-button”. I wonder why, how and when it got installed automatically later but not in the beginning!

To get rid of it, I tried to remove the plugin. But, it didn’t work because, some of my pages and posts were using this plugin. The way to go around was simple making use of customize option of the WordPress theme. In customize option, just go to where you find Ugaam option and on the top left where its written “Show Ad Content”, out the slider to off. Do it for all the relevant pages and you are done.