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Speed Cameras In Brampton
Photo Speed Cameras In Brampton

City of Brampton is in process of installing speed cameras. The so called as municipal speed cameras and photo speed cameras also, city has marked areas which are considered unsafe. Its logical and known fact that these speed cameras will be installed near schools safety zones and at more strategic locations in other communities.

One can always see updated location of these cameras at the city of Brampton website. Here we will have a quick review of fines of Speed Cameras installed in Brampton at various places also.

No More Police Needed To Give Speed Tickets !

Getting pulled over for speeding on streets and fight for a ticket in the court ! Whether its raining , snow, day or night. This photo radar speed cameras system works and will have less court cases. Its the technology at it’s best use. Just discipline your self !! No more policing needed.

Speed Camera

Fines from Speed Cameras in Brampton has helped city to build up a great amount of revenue.

Wondering about speed Cameras Fines in Brampton !
The fines for speeding in a Community Safety Zone as per the available resources at city of Brampton website, as of now is as follows:

1 to 19 km over the limit is $5.00 per Kilometer plus costs
20 to 29 km over the limit is $7.50 per Kilometer plus costs
30 to 49 km over the limit is $12.00 per Kilometer plus costs ​

So if someone is not careful,  he/she can end up having a bad year ! Be a safe driver, that is the message.

Speed Cameras in Brampton falls under Automated Speed Enforcement system and it is a smart system all sense. Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE), an automated system that uses a camera and a speed measurement device to enforce speed limits, is a speed enforcement tool that uses technology to help make roads safer for all users.

City Council last on  July 8 2020, approved the implementation of Automated Speed Enforcement with new speed cameras. Updated list of these new traffic speed camera locations is available on city of Brampton website. They have already  installed 32 cameras and are more are likely to come. Municipal speed camera in Brampton, are there to exercise control over speed and enhance public safety on the streets of Brampton.

ASE, Automated Speed Enforcement is about safety for everyone.  It’s a reminder to all to be aware of our safety at all the times. One need to follow the rules, slow down and help to keep our communities safe at all the times.

Being a safe driver will reduce number of accidents, keep communities safe and there could be a big saving from auto insurance !