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Renting A Home. What Landlords Need !

Renting a home or a condo can be painful and daunting task. Its always a great idea to have some Realtor on your side, unless you are dealing directly with the owner of the house. If the owner knows you very well and is ready to work with you, some of undermentioned things might not be needed.

Those who are looking a place to  rent, mostly ask why so much paper work is needed for renting !
Its simply because, the owners want to lease out their property to
reliable Tenant who can pay on time, keep it neat and tidy.

Most of the Landlords will be looking for AAA clients, as they call.
A quick check list is as under:

  1. Credit Checks* – Most recent. e.g 30 days or so, is the trend.
  2. Job letter*.
  3. Salary details and Pay stubs
  4. Work Place reference
  5. Photo id of the no of people occupying the place.
  6. Make/No of Cars and Parking needed.
  7. 1st and last month cheque as rent.
  8. 10 Post dated cheques.*
  9. Lease Form and Rental application – (Prepared by Realtor)
  10. Some Landlords might need an interview.
  11. Key Deposits
  12. FOB Security Deposit in case of hi-rise condos.
  13. Insurance coverage.
  14. Upkeep of the backyard and front lawn.
    ……. and there can be more surprises.

*Keeping these 3 thing handy will save your time, before you actually go for viewing !

!!!! Need a place to view !!!!
I can show you any property, if you have your :
1) Recent Credit Report
2) Job letter in hand
3) Cheque Book 

Please give me a call and I’ll be happy to assist.

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