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Noisy Bathroom Fan

You might be at this page because your washroom fan is making a noise. Since, bathroom fans are used for prolonged period of time, they may become noisy. Mostly this is not a big issue but a simple fix. If a person is little bit handy, the whole process can be done under 10 minutes.

Here we will see two scenarios which can happen if your washroom  fan is making a noise.

First One: Dust

Just ask a simple question to yourself, when was the last time you had a look at your washroom Fan. Probably, if you moved to your home, few years ago, then you will not have any idea when the fan housing was cleaned.

And accumulation of dust is the main reason for fans to be noisy. You can save good amount of money if you address this issue your self. The simplest of the fan can cost you under $50 and can even go above $150, not to mention of the bathroom fans with Bluetooth enabled speakers which can be further up.

If you want to save money, just follow these simple tasks;

  1. Switch off the relevant circuit breaker.
  2. You will need a matching screw drive.
  3. Remove the fan cover. Juggle up the retainer clips and you will find its easy. Mostly you will have to press the 2 wires at two ends and take it out
  4.  Take out the single screw. Mostly fan is mounted on a metallic plat and is held with a single screw.
  5. Unplug the fan.
  6. Slide the plate assembly to one side and take out it out.
  7.  Remove the excessive dust build up. Clean the fan assembly with a brush, vacuum or aerosol.

That’s it. Put back in the reverse order. Its recommended to take as many pictures as you can take. They will facilitate and will help if  you are stuck.

Give it a try, it should work.

Noisy Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Noisy Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Wobbling Wheel

Second One: Enlarged Diameter.

Over the period of time, it can happen the plastic wheel might be worn out and has become loose. If its so, it will wobble and touch the  inside housing and making noise. If its so, continue with above process and;

  1. Take out the push retainer clip or retainer washer sitting on the top of the shaft.
  2. Pull the plastic wheel out from the shaft.
  3. Replace it with the new one. Make sure that the flat portion of the shaft matches with wheel.

Once done, put back the fan assembly back and you are good to go. If its not, buy a new kit or full assembly.

Tip: Before you start any project, always take as many pictures as you can. These can be very handy if one get stuck upon and will help for sure.

Important: Before carrying out any electrical repairs, its always recommended to consult a qualified  licensed electrician for best practices.

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