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Working From Home – Laptop

Laptops Now with many of us stuck at home, we look forward to a new normal which will change our life style. Covid-19 vaccine is already around but it will take time before all of us are immunized. The way we lived our life, live now or will live, will change significantly. Many of us… Read More »

Gas Range

Gas Range Gas cooking ranges are great for those who love cooking. Many of us find these to be kind 9f messy to to handle when we compare them with glass top ranges. Glass top ranges are very easy to clean and does give neat and clean look to the kitchen. On the other hand,… Read More »

Security Cameras

Wondering, What are the best security cameras for home? What is a good outdoor security camera? What is the best and cheapest security camera? What is the easiest security camera to install What’s the difference between surveillance cameras and security cameras? Which is better wired or wireless security cameras? Here are few suggestions for you… Read More »

SEO Tips Or Reminders

Image Compression reference – Quick Checklist for myself Descriptive filenamejpeg verses pngcompress ImageProvide ALT tagLazy load imagesEnable Browser catchResize your image Some WordPress Plugins WP fastest catchea3 lazy load plug inShortPixel WordPress or tinypng More Tips Align Content with Search InternetTitle TagMeta DescriptionOptimise ImagesOptimize page speedUse Internal linking User ExperienceUse subheadingsVisually appealingNo popupsUse white spacekey… Read More »

Most commonly Used Words of 2020

Its early December and Year 2020 will be over in three weeks time. Time fly like anything and 2020 was a perfect example of that. When we think of month December, everyone think of holidays, Christmas and Santa. But it will not be same as still may communities around use facing with daily issues of… Read More »

Closing Costs When Buying a Home

The purchase price of your home not the only costs you’ll encounter. Here are other possible costs you need to consider: Mortgage loan insurance: If you are putting less than 20 per cent of the house value down, you’re going to need mortgage loan insurance. Depending on the lender, the premium can be added to mortgage… Read More »